“It was a pleasure to work with Mike on our recent Yankee Candle fund raiser. He provided clear instructions and kept the communications open throughout the process. He is always available for any question that may arise. The fund raiser ran smoothly from start to finish due to his efficiency. Thank you for a wonderful fund raising experience. Sign us up again.”

Elena Thrun- Principal Katy ISD


“I was very surprised by how much money we raised and how easy the program was to implement. All of our customers were extremely happy with the quality of their purchases and we are hearing request to do the sale again.”

Keri Lott-St Vincent DePaul


“Working with Mike was great. The entire process went very smoothly and we are looking forward to doing it again next year.”

Marla Wilke-Wee Wuns Weekday


“The customer service was awesome. Delivery and pick up went very smooth. Our parents are already asking if we will be doing this again next year. They were excited that we offered a high quality product they could use.”

Maggie Holcomb-Principal’s Secretary Humble ISD


“Mike is a go getter and great to work with. The fundraiser was easy and the product sold itself.”

Kristin Holy-St. Laurence Catholic


“We have used the Yankee Candle program for 4 consecutive years and have seen our profits increase each year. The sale is very easy and simple to execute. We have had very few problems but whenever one comes up things are resolved quickly. The best thing is that the name brand product sells itself.”

Josh Mooney-Band Director Nolan Ryan


“The program was well organized. I felt like you all did everything for us. Everyone liked how the product sold itself and we will certainly use this program again.”

Danita Hickerson-American Heritage Girls